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MalwareBytes is the best!!


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I signed up for the Forum here just to pass along my sincere appreciation for MalwareBytes!! 

I've been using MBAW almost since its beginnings, I started out using the Free version and then later updated to the Premium/Paid Version. 

Quick background.  I ran popular Game servers for many years and received more viruses via email than anyone I know (it is amazing when you ban a jerk from your servers how vindictive they can become). 

Anyhow I always saved the various attachments and tested them with various virus scanners in Virtual Machines. The ONLY anti-virus that was consistently the best was MBAM.... It was always the best combination of detection, quarantine and not over reacting.

I've loved this program for a very long time and have recommended it to countless people, and continue to do so!  On my system I also have your Beta Anti-Ransomware and Anti-Rootkit loaded.

So long story short, THANK YOU for an amazing product that does what it is supposed to do, and does it consistently well!

-- Cain


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Hello and welcome, @Cain:

Thanks for your positive feedback.

Just a quick note re this:

20 minutes ago, Cain said:

The ONLY anti-virus that was consistently the best was MBAM.... It was always the best combination of detection, quarantine and not over reacting.

MBAM is not and never was an anti-virus, as explained here: Does Malwarebytes Anti-Malware replace antivirus software?

MBAM is a specialized anti-malware tool designed to run alongside a robust, real-time AV to provide complementary protection against certain types of mostly non-viral, zero-hour and zero-day malware that are not well targeted by standard AVs.

MBAM Free is just a manual, on-demand scanner with no real-time protection.

Even with MBAM Premium, you still need a robust AV, either free or paid.;)
There are many fine options and MBAM should run just fine alongside all of them.


Thanks again for your support,

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I assumed MBAM was also an AV software, thank you for the info.

Well, for years I also ran MS Security Essentials alongside MBAM.  Now on Windows 10 MSSE has been rolled into the OS as Windows Defender.

Sometimes MSSE would detect items MBAM missed, so perhaps I was doing it "right" without realizing it!  :-)

I assume Windows Defender/MS Secutity Essentials is an AV?

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Malwarebytes is the best!!! I 100% agree!!! It has saved my computer and my friends' PC'S MULTIPLE TIMES when others failed. I purchased a lifetime license long back and never had any malware related problem!!!! 

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