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The Most Paranoid Question Ever Asked -- This is Legit, Right?

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I recently got a new laptop from college O&R, and I want to put MalwareBytes on it, like I had on my old one. Since I really, really don't want to have to pay for damages if anything goes wrong, and I am the most paranoid person ever, I just want to ask this one question, in light of hearing about "fake MalwareBytes" -- the one at MalwareBytes.com is real, right? One link on the site took me to something like "go.malwarebytes.com" and I got concerned before going through with the download.

Thanks for looking this over, I'm just really paranoid.

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Hello and welcome, @BunsenGyro:

One quick note.

You mention:

16 hours ago, BunsenGyro said:

I recently got a new laptop from college O&R, and I want to put MalwareBytes on it,

Please be aware that -- according to the EULA -- use of MBAM Consumer/Home version is restricted to personal, home computers.
Use of MBAM on a work/business/government/educational/non-profit system requires proper licensing.
If this laptop belongs to the college, then I suggest having a look at this KB topic: How can I legally use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware in my Business or Corporate environment (including Government, Education, & Non-Profit)?

You might want to check with your campus IT/IR folks to look into getting the MBAM Business version for your college-owned laptop.

Just a suggestion,

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