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MBAM using 100% CPU on user acct, but not admin

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I have MBAM installed on my father's computer, and I have him use a non-admin account.   When I log in with my administrator account, everything behaves correctly, and a scan shows no threats.

When I log in with my father's non-admin account, MBAM uses 50%+ CPU constantly, with no disk access.  There's nothing installed other than Office on that computer.  It's Win10 x64.

I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling and it didn't help.  If I start Windows without MBAM starting, and then run MBAM from the non-admin account, the same thing happens.

Other than MBAM, nothing is using appreciable CPU on the user account, so I can't see any obvious apps or services that are conflicting.  Absent any guidance, the only thing I can think of next is a Windows refresh install.





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I did another re-install, this time following the clean procedure listed elsewhere on the forum, and it seems to have fixed the problem.

My suggestion would be to have whatever the uninstall option does have some sort of option that accomplishes the same procedure as the steps documented on the forum.


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  • Root Admin

Unfortunately we're seeing a lot of computers that have upgraded to Windows 10 that run into issues with security software not working quite like it's supposed to. I've seen Kaspersky and Norton also have issues. A reinstall of said products appears to also fix them. Not sure what the root cause is but something in the Windows 10 upgrade appears to be the cause.

Glad you got it working well again.

Take care


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