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System Tray Notification Spam

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I have Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium.

I like to keep it constantly updated to the latest version, so I have it set to notify me when an update is available. The problem is, even after clicking 'fix this' when it notifies me on the system tray, it asks me again if I want to update. I usually have to click it multiple times or open the program itself to get it to stop spamming me. The program also yells at me about everything from Adobe to Yelp! being a big nasty virus and no amount of clicking the x stops it from spamming me that it's doing its job as an antivirus program. I disabled the notifications, but the problem still persists for updates to the point where it will invade even fullscreen, direct x games and cause me to lag (and die). If I disable the daily updates, what's the point of even having it? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Hello and :welcome::

There are several types of system tray notifications.  See here: https://www.malwarebytes.com/support/guides/mbam/notifications.html

If you are being prompted to update, it could be the DATABASES (which update several times a day) and/or it could be the PROGRAM itself (a few times a year).
If you are seeing lots of these notifications about databases and/or program being outdated, then it sounds as if something might be configured incorrectly, as (normally) MBAM Premium can be configured to update databases silently.  Program update checks can occur automatically, and usually require an "OK" from the user to install; but these occur only a few times a year.

It would help us if you could please provide a bit more system information about the notifications you see AND about the system.

  1. Please tell us which of the notifications listed here you are seeing: https://www.malwarebytes.com/support/guides/mbam/notifications.html
  2. And, it would help if you could please follow the steps in this pinned topic: Diagnostic Logs and then please ATTACH all 3 logs to your next reply.

Thank you,

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It is the databases, not the program. I'm not sure what you mean by system information about the notifications, but the program janks out about the firewall with Skype and thinks some of my games are viruses (which is easily ignored, it's just the tray spam that is annoying).

I don't feel comfortable listing these logs as they contain some sensitive information, so I've decided to seek assistance offline. I appreciate the help, though. Thank you.



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If you're seeing frequent notifications about outdated databases, then most likely either MBAM's settings are not properly configured and/or something is preventing MBAM from updating.
These include software conflicts, system configuration problems, corruption, malware or PUPs, etc.

Chances are, it's something with which we could assist with quick resolution here in the forum, but we would need some information about your MBAM installation and your system in order to determine the specific cause and solution.

The requested diagnostic logs are posted in our forums and in other computer help forums 100s (1000s?) of times a day.  There's really nothing in them that would be of any use to hackers or criminals. 

However, if you are not comfortable posting the logs here in the forum, then I suggest that you may wish to open a ticket at the Help Desk >>>HERE<<<.  The support staff will assist you one-on-one via email.  Please be patient, as it is a long holiday weekend in the U.S, where most staff are based.

>>Until then, I would open the GUI and check to be sure that Settings > Update Settings and Settings >Automated Scheduling are properly configured.
>> This KB article HERE and the User Guide HERE contain specific advice about the scheduler and updating.
(You could also disable non-critical notifications in the GUI. However, without knowing why you are seeing so many popups and without fixing the root problem, this would be very strongly discouraged.)

>>Let us know if you would like more help with this, or if you change your mind about helping us to better help you by posting the requested Diagnostic Logs.


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