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Licensed copy now reports "Your license is no longer valid"

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Greetings -

First, thank you for a solid product that I have been using for many years now.

I have a 3-computer renewing annual subscription, which last renewed at the beginning of the year. On two of three PCs running MBAM, they both report I have 179 days remaining in the license.

In the computer running the 3rd licensed instance, my home server, MBAM began to act strangely maybe a few days ago with a crash. Many years ago, another PC of mine had gotten an infection, and the first thing it attacked was MBAM, making it inoperable. So, I ran AVG scan to see if something was funny there, but it reported ok. I restarted MBAM and ran a scan, and it reported no issues.

This morning I checked the home server and found that there had been another unhandled exception error, and then that MBAM had crashed. When I restarted it, it now shows in the title area "Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Home Unknown2.2.1.1043" and that "Your license is no longer valid". I am now concerned that somehow the home server has been compromised... The only thing that changed before this chain of events was me downloading and installing the free version of Fling FTP from NCH Software. I've purchased NCH Software in the past, and did not find any issues with their software.

So my question(s) begin with: Is there with which something to be concerned here? Should I just uninstall and reinstall MBAM? Or, is there potentially something bad afoot?

Cheers - Jon





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Sorry - should have clarified the attached images - the first is from the homeserver, showing that MBAM reports the license is "no longer valid", while the second and third are from the account panel in the other two instances, the first on the mainPC and the second on the mobilePC.

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Hello JonAdams and welcome to Malwarebytes.org...

As you are a Premium version owner you would be better placed to seek help/advice at consumer support. Go to the following link, scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Contact us now" tab. Create a support ticket, from there you will receive professional support...


Please reply and let me know the outcome, also if we are ok to close out this thread..

Thank you,


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