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Pantheonsite.io and subdomains False Positive


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Hello Malwarebytes,

We received notice from one of our customers that their site hxxp://live-fjmobile.pantheonsite.io/ is being blocked by you guys. The IP addresses for that site are as follows:


We would like for you to please remove the block of the above site and to please treat pantheonsite.io as a TLD. We operate a platform as a service that creates a new domain name for each web site created by our customers.  (e.g.newsite1.pantheonsite.io, newsite2.pantheonsite.io, etc.)  We are aware that there have been some bad actors creating domains with bad intentions and we try to shut those down asap. We believe that each site created under pantheonsite.io should be treated seperately.

Pantheon is a Drupal and WordPress website management platform, running more than 100,000 sites in the cloud. Our multi-tenant, container-based platform enables developers, creative agencies, and companies to manage all of their websites from a single dashboard. We deliver the fastest, most secure platform for developing, testing, and launching websites. 

Here's evidence showing that pantheonsite.io is clean. https://www.virustotal.com/en/url/6366bb86545c23177284eff39633e4c6e4429dce6468f10fa18b5cab5e16f1c3/analysis/1467062998/

Please let me know what else we need to do to move forward and remove the ban.


Pantheon Security

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Thank you for removing the block so quickly! 

Could you please help me understand how hxxp://live-fjmobile.pantheonsite.io/ is related to dev-freemobile-abonne-fr[.]pantheonsite.io? How is it that live-fjmobile was affected by a different site?


Sal H

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