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Program Never Finds Anything

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This may be one of those "dumb" questions but I have been using the free edition of MalwareBytes for several years. It always run for about 45 minutes and found many issues.  About 2 years ago, I purchased the Premium Edition and since then the program runs for about 15 minutes and NEVER finds a thing.  Can anyone explain this to me?  Thank you.

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I purchased the Premium Edition and since then the program runs for about 15 minutes and NEVER finds a thing

What does the protection logs say, ever stopped anything?

Have your AV stopped anything?

Anyway it just mean you have never had a visit from one of those malicious files that your AV did not detect and MBAM may detect

Having MBAM is like paying for insurance, most of the time you dont need it ... but then suddenly


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3 hours ago, olduser said:

With MBAM if you "crashed" , you get " no antimalware protects you 100%"

In some instances maybe.  Just like in some instances the insurance company says your at 50% ~ 90% fault thus reducing the payout accordingly.  Like the time I T-Boned a Mercury Mountaineer with my Chevy S-10 when the driver failed to stop at a stop sign 'cause they could not get to the beach fast enough.  My insurer said I was 10% at-fault.  That was a lot better than the initial assessment of 20% but I was able to reduce that to 10% by providing pictures of the scene and the intersection.

There is an overwhelming number of cases where anti malware applications have protected people.  However those who have succumbed to malware are the most vociferous.  Additionally, it is a lot harder to prove a negative.  That is when the anti malware application halts a devastating malware event in its tracks there is no accounting for just how devastating the event could have been.


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