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JRT version 8.0.6 (04.25.2016) and Bitdefender files

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I've installed JunkwareRemovalTool version 8.0.6 on 06/25/2016 and have run it today for the 2nd time since. As far as I can judge, I got each time the same report and have found out by browsing on Google that it seems to refer to some Bitdefender files. I do my best to be a careful and willing to learn user, but am (to my regret) no expert, therefore the report I'm attaching hasn't enlightened me at all and I don't know what (if anything) I should do about it.

I would very much appreciate any explanation and advice you could give me, especially since I usually run JRT daily, though I didn't this week.

I have 2 Bitdefender programs on my computer : Bitdefender USB Immunizer and Bitdefender QuickScan.

Thanks for reading me and any help you may give me.


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Those files are indeed related to BitDefender and therefore aren't malicious. I suspect they contain information about previous or current BitDefender product and/or definition updates. JRT removes them to tidy up as they aren't required to run BitDefender and somewhat slow down diagnostic log analysis. No action is required :)

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Thanks for your prompt and reassuring answer.:D

And thank you for your easy to use software, which I normally include in my daily system  cleaning and security routine. I'll also keep a close watch on future updates of it now that I know where to look for any and download it reliably.

Best regards.

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