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(subdomain) + redirectvoluum.com reviewal process?


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I'm Adrian from Voluum (analytics platform for performance marketers).
I was recently notified by one of our mutual clients that one of our default domains *(redirectvoluum.com) is flagged as malicious by your service. Screenshot - hxxp://prntscr.com/bkg6n2

Example subdomain + root Domain / IP details:
csoku.redirectvoluum.com /

*For clarification, the domain is used for collecting data by our analytics system called Voluum.com.
Our role is to analyze the data attributed to clicks and facilitate redirection through the campaign funnel which is predefined by the user.

Each advertiser that uses the system is assigned a unique subdomain, e.g. abc12.redirectvoluum.com.

As this flag seems to be solely by association to content within the campaign(s), I would like to know how we can go about getting our root domain (hxxp://redirectvoluum.com) reviewed and it's status reverted to safe.
I can state with certainty that this is a false positive as even the subdomain which is used for our public demo account, is also flagged as malicious even though demo campaigns don't have any dynamic content (only basic static pages like -

Looking forward to your prompt reply.

Kind regards, 

Disclosure: The author of this comment works for Voluum.com. 

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