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Can't reach this forum with Chrome based browsers


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I've had this issue come up with this forum and with another message board I belong to.  It happens occasionally and is affecting this forum right now.  When I try to reach the website of this message board on my Opera and Chrome browsers, I get the message that the DNS address could not be found.  Yet here I am, same computer, Firefox browser.  Any idea why this might be happening?

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I'm using SRWare Iron which is a Chromium based browser (open source; same codebase as Google Chrome, just without the built in Google tracking and ads) and I haven't observed any issues with accessing the forums.  I did have a similar issue recently with another website though, but as I recall it was affecting all of my browsers and turned out to be caused by DNSCrypt, a software I use to encrypt my DNS server connection.  I had to change the server I was connecting to for DNSCrypt and that resolved my issue.

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1 hour ago, exile360 said:

It may have to do with how those other browsers handle caching (especially DNS caching) of web pages and addresses.  If I recall correctly, Chrome has a tendency of storing history data and caching previous connections for far longer than other browsers and Opera may be similar.

Ah, that would explain it.  I figured it must be something these two browsers were doing differently.  I had issues a while back with one particular website which seemed to introduce image corruption into the cache.  I only accessed that website with Chrome, but when the images got corrupted in Chrome, they were also corrupted in Opera.  I had to completely clear the cache in both browsers to get it fixed.  If I only cleared the cache in one, it didn't help.  

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