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Anti-Exploit keeps IE from closing completely


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I discovered that when Anti-Exploit is running and I am using Internet Explorer 11, when I close IE there is still some component of IE left running. I discovered this because I was having a problem restarting IE after about ten sessions. I would click on the IE icon but Internet Explorer would not start.

When I was not able to start IE,  I looked in the Task Manager I saw that even though IE was closed (not started), Task Manager had about 10 incidences of Internet Explorer and Internet Explorer (32) still running. I would then select each incidence and then "End task". Once all were ended, I could start a new IE session. It took a while but I finally discovered that this only happened when Anti-Exploit was running. If I did not use Anti-Exploit I could start and end IE without anything remaining/showing in Task Manager.

Is this a know problem?

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I forgot about making this post almost a year ago.

This issue is still occurring. I have learned to go to Task Manager and just delete all the IE processes every couple of days.

But it would nice to get this fixed. I'll post the files you asked for - and remember to check back on this forum and post updates.


It the same computer - its running Win10 x64 Home and IE11 (whatever current version is).

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The instructions in you signature refer to locating the files for WinXP through Win8 OS, I'm on Win10 now, but I believe the logs you want are the ones I attached.

In the screen shot below, you can see that there are only two instances of IE that did not close. After a day of web browsing that will number climb to 10 or more (one each of "Internet Explorer" and "Internet Explorer (32 Bit)". Then I will not be able to start a new IE session with going to Task Manager and manually selecting each "Internet Explorer" and using  "End Task". If I don't let Malwarebytes run, this does not happen. BTW I'm on version 3.0.5 now


SnapShot_IE not ending.JPG

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