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Problems with Polatab q10

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Hope I'm in the right place as I have a bit of a saga here to relate.

As a Christmas gift we bought our 8 year old grandson a cheap tablet off Amazon. He's been really pleased with it and we were inpressed by how well it seemed to work at first and that it was quite well made. I left my daughter and her partner to sort out how they wanted it setup for him to use as they didn't want him going on the Internet for obvious reasons.

After a while my daughter commented that when they had installed games for him to play they had found full screen adds appearing and the browser home page was always being reset. This would only happen when the tablet was allowed to connect to wifi.

A few weeks ago our grandson stayed here with us over the half term break and he asked me to install some games for him he could play off line. I tried and found the device was really hard work to use as was getting the same problems with full screen ads and the browser being redirected and home page being reset.

I couldn't get onto the Playstore, so found a site called Appraw which I believe to be safe were I was able to eventually download and install various AV's and finally MBAM Mobile.

Some problems were picked up by Avast I think and resolved with it saying the tablet was clear but MBAM detected several Trojans which it could not resolve, kept saying Uninstall Unsuccesful.

So I contacted the vendor and they agreed to have the tablet back and I asked them to install a clean operating system. They said they would need to install a fresh firmware.

The Tablet arrived yesterday morning and seemed ok at first sight. When I tried to access the internet the browser went direct to hypersonica.com, never heard of it. I was able to change the browser setting to Google as we usually use that as homepage. I couldn't access the Playstore again properly via the browser, but have been advised the app itself has to be used which has allowed access and the install of Avast.

Avast alone highlighted a couple of security settings which I have changed as advised. I then installed MBAM and ran it. It has identified one Trojan. Coudw.a system/apps/clouds.server. This is the same as one of those that MBAM couldn't uninstall before sending the tablet back. I have been intouch with the vendor this morning and they now say effectively this is a false positive caused by the manufacturer modifying the operating system and renaming the file concerned. They insist the file is safe.

The tablet seemed slow yesterday but today it's apparently working fine albeit that this apparent Trojan is still there. So far the browser hasn't been redirected and there haven't been any of the full screen ads just popping up out of nowhere. Don't know what to think on this now, any advise would be appreciated as to wheather or not there is an infected system or if this is actually a false positive.

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Hi DerekH,

This is likely malware, Coudw.a, is a Trojan found mostly on cheaper Android devices originating from China. This particualar Trojan is capable of install additional software wthout the owners knowledge, usually Adware or a form of malware. You can try disabling the app via Android Settings or I would suggest returning device.




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Thanks for the your reply Armando, I was hoping it would be somebody who could speak from a very knowledgable stand point..

I have already returned the tablet and it has been returned with a new firmware, as they call it, installed.  The tablet was constantly having full screen ads appear with even having a browser open along with browser redirects and homepage hijacks etc.

Since having it back it has been well behaved although MBAm has identified this problem. I raised this with the supplier immediately and they said it's happened because the manufacture, Allwinner i think, have modified the particular file but they say it is safe. I have been using it for the last week and it does seem to be fine and working without any issues at present.

I'm wondering if this could be a false positive?

I'm going to give it another week and see if the problems return and if so will definately be returning the tablet for a full refund.

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