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False Positive - Advanced PC Care


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Hi Malwarebytes Team,

This is regarding the false detection of Advanced PC Care by Malwarebytes Anti Malware.

Advanced PC Care is a PC optimization utility. it does not contains adware, installs toolbars, hijack browsers or has other unclear objectives. It is not involved in any kind of malicious activities.  Our company is not only losing millions of users but our reputation and web traffic is also getting affected because of this  detection. We have suffered tremendous financial loss due to this. Please have this detection removed ASAP.

Details are as follows:

File: apcsetupisrcwrct.zip

Scan Log: log.txt

Detection Type: PUP.Optional.AdvancedPCCare

File location: http://cdn.advancedpccare.net/apc/apcpi/apcsetupisrcwrct.exe


Ashish Parihar

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Hello Ashish Parihar and welcome back to the Malwarebytes support forums :)


Please see our PUP listing criteria here (https://www.malwarebytes.org/pup/ ) with reference to the following criterias.

#1 -Registry Cleaners, Optimizers, Defragmenters.


Microsoft has officially stated that they do not support the use of registry cleaners as shown here:

https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2563254 Many of these are installed as part of “bundlers” or “wrappers” and the end user is left with a program that performs a scan at startup and presents a report in an alarmist fashion, stating that a large number of errors are present in the registry. Our testing has shown that these programs will always find errors in the registry, even on a freshly installed operating system. As such this behaviour qualifies for a PUP classification.

On my clean and stable research OS  many errors were found and in our opinion most of these system issues are overstated to induce an end user into thinking that your software is needed as their computer has many issues in need of fixing.


Apon selecting start repair then your purchase page is opened up in the default system browser so confirms no free trial or part free functionabilty available.

Although niether of those are required for any software(or a reason for PUP listing) they both however would display your confidence in your product as a worthwhile purchase and also give the end user a chance to evaluate whether your software offers any value before purchasing.

#2 -Malicious bundling

Is your application in a bundle where some of the accompanying applications are malicious or already classified as a PUP?

In the past 6 months the application has been seen heavily distributed by the InstallCore/Ironside download wrapper where it has accompanied other softwares that we have classified as PUP.

For the combination of reasons listed above we will still be listing this sofware as PUP but should the software be modified to reflect our reasons for listing then we will be happy to review once more.


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