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Windows won't fully boot after 'fake bsod' scan and delete


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Move if not the right subforum, sorry...

So I had a fake bsod screen popping up after downloading a bad torrent and stupidly installing the .exe.

I had a multitude of malware .exe's running in task manager that I could not close fast enough to keep the fake bsod from popping up.

I ran mbam in safe mode, I have not used it in a couple years so it asked to install a new version which I did - initially it scanned and said that it could not quarantine but eventually it did delete and asked me to reboot.

When I reboot it load as normally to windows user screen, then I input password and it just shows a black screen with ctfmon.exe minimized in the bottom left corner (won't maximize).

I can ctr+shft+delete and open up firefox and use other commands, but it only will boot explorer.exe, taskmgr.exe, dtsshellhlp.exe, winlogon.exe, and csrss.exe.

Nothing else will boot...


Thanks in advance for help

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Hi caseywan :)

This issue can be caused by an incomplete removal of the infection that was on your system, and/or settings that failed to be reset after the removal. Since you were infected, it would be better for you to seek assistance in the Malware Removal Help section for your issue. In order to do that, you simply have to read and follow the instructions in the preparation guide below, and create a new thread over there, including the logs and details that are asked.

Good luck!

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