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Microsoft Office and Grammarly issues

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Thanks for confirming hfike. I pushed a global exclusion a few mins ago so you don't need your local exclusion anymore. We're reaching out to Grammarly folks to see if they can give us a heads up next time before they release a new version so we can exclude it beforehand.

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Just started for me today.  Can not open Word 2016 due to a 6.97.exe file Malware says exploit.  Exactly the same as earlier reports on this thread just the add in appears new ver 6.97 will try and exclude.

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Malwarebytes is shutting down my WORD because I have the add-on GRAMMARLY enabled. I'd like to have WORD protected AND I'd like to use GRAMMARLY.

UPDATE: I deleted the threat from the REPORT. Turned the PROTECTION for Word back on and opened Word and a file and used GRAMMARLY and it's fine. 


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I sent Grammarly a problem ticket concerning this item the same time I posted here.  Grammarly suggested I uninstall their software completely and then reinstall an updated version of Grammarly.  I did not have to do that.  I check later in the evening and the problem was resolved. 


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Just happened again to me.  I had excluded the file before I thought.  Grammerly must have just done an update.   Starting Word in safe mode doesn't let me get to disable the add-on, crashes with Malwarebites exploit warning.  Will try and uninstall and reinstall but this seems to happen every time there is a Grammerly update. 

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