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program requesting being added to exclusion list

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I keep receiving hits from this source requesting that it be included in  my Malwarebytes exclusion list. I won't allow it until I know what it is.

What is this program? Is it adware? a virus? a trojan?

Am I even posting this in the correct place? (I am new to the forums)

malware query.jpg

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It would appear you have created a help ticket on the helpdesk.  Is that right ?   If so, please have patience.

But it seems your pc  ( I presume while browsing) was getting a notice of an IP Block message from the malicious website protection.

That being the cause, one does not want to jump to add that domain as an exclusion.

Check out   What does it mean when I get an alert that Malwarebytes Anti-Malware has blocked a malicious site

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