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Datto Drive / ownCloud Client Flagged As Suspect Application


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Malwarebytes Team,

I'm a support engineer from Datto and we've released Datto Drive (https://dattodrive.com/) which is our FSS platform which includes a sync client that runs as an active process in the system tray. I was informed by one of our partners that he had run Datto Drive with Malwarebytes' Anti-Ransomware without issue while being on version As soon as an update was performed to, it began targeting dattodrive.exe as per the log indicates:

06/08/16    " 08:45:59.867" 428935843   MbCommonSigVerify   08e0    1684    VerifyFile  "FileVerify.cpp"    479 INFO    "Opening C:\Program Files (x86)\dattodrive\dattodrive.exe for verification"
06/08/16    " 08:46:00.901" 428936875   MbCommonSigVerify   08e0    1684    GetCertFromImageHeader32    "FileVerify.cpp"    1073    INFO    "Cert32 address is zero"
06/08/16    " 08:46:00.901" 428936875   MbCommonSigVerify   08e0    1684    VerifyBuffer    "FileVerify.cpp"    883 INFO    "The Certificate is not there!"
06/08/16    " 08:46:00.901" 428936875   MbCommonSigVerify   08e0    1684    VerifyFile  "FileVerify.cpp"    526 INFO    "C:\Program Files (x86)\dattodrive\dattodrive.exe verification status - c000007b - IsMbam = 242"
06/08/16    " 08:46:18.545" 428954531   CleanControllerImpl 08e0    15cc    mb::common::whitelisting::WhiteListManager::IsFileOnlineWhiteListed "WhiteListManager.cpp"  211 DEBUG   "MEPS WL request: {
   ""channel"" : ""release"",
   ""detections"" : [
         ""filepath"" : ""C:\\Program Files (x86)\\dattodrive\\dattodrive.exe"",
         ""filesize"" : 35917454,
         ""md5"" : ""0559351FBCC9E54291661EB2566699F6"",
         ""sha1"" : ""3C0612DA5ECEDD42F582F762DB8BD25264463ABA"",
         ""sha256"" : ""64B119EF61A877D2C66AFEF02B00C2A177BC9BE8908FFF6198D027BFBE803389""
   ""installation_token"" : ""ku4e4doGhi7pRCwVN1sw1459269036"",
   ""product_build"" : ""consumer"",
   ""product_code"" : ""MBRW-C"",
   ""product_version"" : ""0.9.15""

Running an exclusion would allow the executable to be restored but it has left us perplexed why the executable is picked up as ransomware. Any insight and fix would be appreciate! Feel free to e-mail me at

All the best,



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Reference: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/b5285c641034d059dc18dba1ecb0175be7406e7ce386bb352fe4aef0ad7fa851/analysis/1465423290/ Unsigned

Hello jodolski:

Available data strongly suggests a false positive, and since the following pathname has been entered in MBARW GUI -> Exclusions, and the binary has been uploaded to the developers, please allow the entry to remain until you are requested to remove it:


At any time, a MBARW development team member, QA team member or Staffer may request the above temporary exclusion be altered/removed.  Thank you for beta testing MBARW and your valuable feedback.

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  • Root Admin


Beta 7 is now out. I'm not sure if it has removed the FP or not so if you or your customer can check that and let us know. I'm told that Beta 8 changes have removed but that won't be available to the public for a while still.


Thank you



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