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Very surprised at your unprofessional attitude

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I've been working very long hours so didn't  manage to respond to this sooner...

Me plea for help on this issue here:

Was responded to with an incredible "you have malware on your system so we're refusing to help you". WOW!!!

A quick search on google shows that AutoKMS can have many different forms, be installed by various means and is absolutely loaded with malware:


Shouldn't you have perhaps responded with "You appear to have some Malware which could be attempting to bypass copy protection, or could be a different form of malware. In order to proceed we must first clean your pc of this and be sure it is clean before we proceed further"... something along those lines

Instead of a blunt shutting down of the thread and assuming I'd intentionally installed this (which I hadn't) and assuming it was copy protection hackware (which it might not have been).

So no thanks to malwarebytes, I fixed the issues, my system is clean and running perfectly, no trace of AutoKMS and all thanks to another much more helpful and less aggressive forum which used the kinder, and much more professional approach, mentioned above. Following their instructions I killed AutoKMS and then did a full system clean and everything back to normal.



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  • Root Admin

I'm sorry you feel that way but no AutoKMS is not malware. It is a tool specifically designed to bypass and steal software from Microsoft. We don't know that you installed it and why we did post a link to the piracy policy which does say the following.


If any such evidence is found you will be given the benefit of the doubt and the opportunity to completely uninstall and delete any such data from your system.

Piracy Policy

Had you contacted one of the Administrators or Moderators we woud gladly have helped you remove the pirated item and reopened your topic to continue as the policy says.

Thank you for your feedback on this subject.



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