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Typo when visiting Malwarebytes -- did I damage my system?


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I just tried to visit the malwarebytes blog but instead of typing "blog.malwarebytes.org" I typed "blog.malwarebyte.org." (no "s".) I prompty got redirected to "www.malwarecleaner.co." MBAE didn't detect anything and scans from both MBAM and my anti-virus (Webroot secure anywhere) came up clean.

Has anyone else made this mistake? Did you get the same result? Do I have a hidden infection I need to deal with?


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Good thing you reported it Birini :) Currently on it. Downloading the program advertised on the website to see if it's legitimate or not, but most likely not.

Edit: Reported the installer since it's already flagged by some Antivirus vendors on VirusTotal, and it uses deceptive methods. Thanks!


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When going to that url my F-Secure give a block for


Blacklist check > https://virustotal.com/nb/url/b5ae54b97e18b24395afca357a3e537f028493b77b3674ca3f751f182c7da6eb/analysis/1465069053/

Blacklist check > https://virustotal.com/nb/url/69f9361d1ba7f54ab987c038c80a0be28077369e758a90aaf86b183faef9a30e/analysis/1465069221/



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