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Save or Export logs from MBAM (free) v2.2.1.1043

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I don't see the usual Save or Export buttons on the History tab or on the Scan tab. They have always been visible in earlier versions, but I updated to v2.2.1.1043 tonight, and I  can no longer find any way to retrieve any log if it is not captured immediately after running the scan. IOW, if MBAM is closed and then reopened, I don't see any way to retrieve any logs.


Thank you.



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Hi 1PW,


Thank you for the reply.

Restating my question: I do see the XML log file in "D:\Program Files (x86)\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware\", but the only info it gives about the detected threat is:

Scan, 6/4/2016 3:00 AM, SYSTEM, AO40, Manual, Start:6/4/2016 2:49 AM, Duration:9 min 1 sec, Threat Scan, Completed, 0 Malware Detections, 1 Non-Malware Detection,


When I look for the specific threat, I see that it is a PUP  as shown in the image below:

MBAM Quarantine.JPG

I don't see any way to export or save the Vendor, Date, Type, and Location info into a .TXT file to enable me to send it as a report to a third party. It would be quite awkward if my only recourse is to send info about detected items as JPG screenshots.

Earlier versions of MBAM (free) identified the threats in the scan logs. Is there any way to get specific detection info into text files?

Thank you.


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