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Anti-Exploit Crashing Browser


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Everytime I try to drop a file/image to upload to Facebook, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive Firefox crashes on me. If I move tabs around Firefox crashes on me. I do not know if I have changed some setting or what. However, please help me. This has gotten beyond annoying. Yes I know I can search and upload the file but sometimes it is easier to just drag and drop the file/image to be uploaded.

Thanks for any help provided/offered. Please keep in mind when asking me for specific info that I am beyond a novice on computers.

I have Windows 10

I use the anti-vir

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Hi, @kybunnies

It's not yet clear from your post that MBAE is the cause of the issue.

Have you tried some basic troubleshooting, such as temporarily stopping the MBAE protection from the context menu of the MBAE system tray icon, to see if the behavior resolves?
In other words, does temporarily disabling MBAE make the problem go away?

In any event, it will assist @pbust to have a bit more information about your system.  Please follow the advice in this pinned topic: [README FIRST] >>> Posts here need to include MBAE logs <<<

Then, please attach the requested logs from both MBAE and FRST here in this thread.

Thank you,

P.S. @pbust may move this thread to the MBAE Support section of the forum. No worries, though.

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Hi daledoc1

See this is me beyond novice on understanding computer stuff showing early. lol  I have attached a screenshot when I try to move tabs around. The screenshot shows what pops up. If I stop protection then nothing happens. Sorry, I did not explain myself in the first post. 

moved tab in Firefox.png

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No worries.:)

Thanks for the added info and informative screen shot.

Until @pbust comes along, please post the requested logs, so that he'll have some data with which to work when he gets here.

There will be 2 sets, the MBAE logs and a set of 2 logs from FRST (FRST.txt and Addition.txt).


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