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Fake? computer locked notice...should I be worried?

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Was on a what I thought was a safe site (xvidoes) and got a big warning. It was your computer is locked, police being notified, etc. I didn't read much but noticed that an IP was listed in a red box and my province in Canada was shown. I realize that showing my IP is not hard.

I tried to close my explorer and it said something like do you want to leave this page....your files are being encrypted. There may have been some ransom wording, but I didn't wait lomg enough to notice..

I could not leave the page so I just shutdown the computer right away.

Right after I turned the computer on, everything was fine, The computer did not ask me if I wanted to restore the previous browser situation.  I ran my Malware Anit-Malware (paid version) and also my AVG (paid version). I got no threats detected on either. I shut the computer down and then after starting up ran them both again. Everything is working fine.

I am wondering if I need to check or doing anything else? As a computer layperson my thinking is that I am ok. If the intent was to lock my computer to get me to pay, my computer is not locked, I can access my files, and I have no threats on my two paid protections (AVG and Malware). Perhaps during all this AVG and/or Malware blocked any threats?

Should I be ok?


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