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Speculative anticipation of the production release


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I have installed AntiRansomware beta on three Windows 7/8.1 PCs without issues. I thought it better than waiting for the final form of the production release, whatever that is.  A Malwarebytes beta is a better bet than most other's production software releases. Taking a chance on AntiRansomware beta is surely infinitely better than the effects of ransomware.

I am guessing what the form of the release of the production AntiRansomware will be. I have read that consideration is being given to bundling it into Malwarebytes Antimalware Premium.  If that is confirmed to be the plan, I hope to commit to buying some Antimalware Premium licences for my family so that they can run AntiRansomware beta along with Antimalware Premium and the process of transition from beta to production release of AntiRansomware will be seamless amd automatic.

Is my speculation wide of the mark or does it make sense?

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Hello hake:

The non-authoritative & paraphrased answer is that MBARW Beta is a test platform for the MBARW development team's anti-ransomware core technology.  When the MBARW core technology development has successfully completed, that technology will be rolled into Malwarebytes existing products.  On-going technology improvements will always be in development to thwart the efforts of malware authors.


This [MBARW Beta] will not be a standalone product/agent but rather rolled into our existing products. -Marcin Kleczynski, Chief Executive Officer

You too should always be evaluating your computer system's defense arsenal.  To that end I would personally not wait for a pending option, feature, price point or technology to defend my systems.

I hope this has helped. 

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I am always evaluating defences of systems under my unpaid care.  There is nothing I would rather use than Malwarebytes solutions.  It's a matter of availablility.  I tried BitDefender's AntiRansomware and was very disappointed that when an updated version became available, the installed previous version stopped working!!!  Users of limited competence (which many are) are expected to download and install the update only to find that the previous version is still just alive, if moribund, and blocking the installation of the new version and so must first be uninstalled.  Malwarebytes does far better than that.  BitDefender AntiRansomware Bit the dust.  MBARW beta is all that is available.

I look after some computers which are many miles distant from where Iive so I must attempt to anticipate the realities of the introduction of Malwarebytes AntiRansomware technology so as to ensure continuity of defence.  To that end, I am simply fishing for the information which will enable me to anticipate correctly.

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5 hours ago, hake said:

Is my speculation wide of the mark or does it make sense?

Hello, hake—

While we don’t yet have full details of the exact transition that I can confirm, your speculation in theory makes sense.  

As has been stated previously, we intend to eventually roll this technology into our other products.  Any upgrade of our core products would need to account for numerous install scenarios, including cases where users are running Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware BETA alongside MBAM.  Our goal would of course be to ensure the transition is as seamless and straightforward as possible for all our users.  The easier we make it for you, the easier it is for us in the long run.  :)

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