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360 total internet security

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When 360 Total Internet Security is upgraded, Malwarebytes anti- ransomware treats it has a threat saying that it is ransomware when in fact it is not.  I have had to remove Malwarebytes anti-ransomeware because of this problem.  Has anybody else found problems with anti-ransomware attacking anti-virus programs? 

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Hello Cademan1360 and :welcome:

Even though MBARW Beta has been removed, please try to supply as much from the below as is possible.

Please carefully read the locked and pinned topic in this sub-forum, How to report a False Positive and for developer analysis, kindly attach the 3 requested .zip archives to your next reply in this thread.

If an exclusion has not already been entered, a temporary exclusion entry might then be made available to prevent a re-occurrence for your individual system.

Thank you for beta testing MBARW and your feedback.

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Hi, I've tried to restore the file but ransomware keeps saying there is an error and therefore, can not restore and to get in touch with the forum to request help.. The only thing that I can make out on the file is: C:/Program Files(x86)\.....

Anti-ransomeware only disables the 360 software when 360 has completed its scan and then pressing repair (cleaning) anti-malware detects it as ransomeware.



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Hello Cademan1360:

Please create the following zipped archive for MBARW developer team analysis:

Create a .zip archive of the directory C:\Program Files (x86)\360\Total Security\QHSafeMain.exe

Please attach the above zipped archive to your next reply.  Thank you for beta testing MBARW and your valuable feedback.


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Hello Cademan1360:

Members of the MBARW development team may very well do just that.  At this point the primary focus is the integrity of your installed version.

At this point, it might be best to briefly stop MBARW Beta6's protection while that anti-virus product is re-installed.  Then resume MBARW Beta6's protection soon followed by a full pathname entry of QHSafeMain.exe in MBARW's exclusions.

Thank you.

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