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recovering from unauthorized use of KMSpico by repair shop

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Hello all,

I am not sure if I can ask for help with this issue here or not, but I thought I'd check.

Last Saturday I took my laptop in to a local repair shop.  The hard drive was dead, and the repair person replaced it, and also installed new copies of Windows 8.1 and Microsoft Office.   I picked up the computer on Monday, and on Tuesday noticed the presence of the "KMSpico" program in my start menu.  Some quick Googling revealed that this was a tool for illegally activating Office, and from these forums and other websites I learned that it could also come with some bad side effects.  So I'll describe what I've done so far, and then my questions will concern what I should do next.  Also, please note that I have read the policy regarding pirated software.  I did not give permission for pirated software to be installed on my computer, and if any remains on here, I want to get it off.

What I've done so far:

(1) I used the standard uninstall option in Windows to remove KMSpico.  This only removed some files.

(2) I uninstalled Microsoft Office.  I have replaced it with a new, legal version of Microsoft Office (I can get it as a free download through my University's software service).

(3) I ran Malwarebytes with the "scan for rootkits" option checked.  That found one and removed one file, named "HackTool."

(4) I manually deleted a folder I found in C:\ called "MSFree."

(5) I made sure that WIndows Firewall was on.

(5) I removed the antivirus software that the repair person had installed (Avast), and enabled Windows Defender.

(6) I ran a full scan with Windows Defender.  It found and removed two files:



(7) I am running a new Full scan with Defender as I write this.

I have the suspicion that not all of the relevant files have been removed.  I have downloaded the Farbar Recovery Scan Tool, so if it would help, I could send logs from that. 

So my questions at this point are the following:

(1) I am now wondering if the new copy of Windows 8.1 is also not legit.  Is there a way I can check?   Do I need to do a clean install of the OS?

(2) What else do I need to do to make sure my machine is safe, and that all the KMSpico-related files are removed?


Thanks very much for your time.










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Thanks for the reply.  That's unfortunate to hear that it may be a counterfeit OS.   When I purchased the laptop (Sony Vaio, from a Best Buy, in 2013), it came with Windows 8 installed.  I upgraded to 8.1 when that became available.   I still have the box the laptop came in, and I've been looking through the paperwork in there, and can't find anything that looks like a Windows 8 product key.  Is there some other way I could access the license info?  I was thinking of maybe contacting Vaio support (although they don't make Vaio laptops anymore, I think they still support them....).


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Update on this: I could not find the product key for my original version of Windows, but I was able to get a new, legal copy of Windows 8.1., and a product key, from my University.  So a few days ago, I reinstalled Windows 8.1.  When doing so, I chose the option to "remove everything", although I see that Windows didn't really remove absolutely everything.  Amongst other things, there's a remaining folder in C: called "Windows.old" which I have not been able to delete.  I am first asked for administrator permission (which I can give), but then I am told that I need permission from "SYSTEM" to delete the files. 

So, I have two remaining questions:

-- Is the remaining Windows.old folder a concern (and/or is it a concern that I'm not being allowed to delete it)?

-- Can I be confident now that I'm clear of the malware left behind my KMSpico (note, both the Malwarebytes and Windows Defender scans come up clean)?

Thanks again for the time and input.



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