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Malicious Website Protection will not stay enabled

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Malwarebytes started coming up with 'Your system is not fully protected'.  I'm running Windows XP (32 bit), Malwarebytes Premium.  I checked the settings for 'Detection and Protection' and found that the 'Malicious Website Protection' was set to disabled.  I selected enabled and it immediately reverted to disabled.  I can do this all day with no change...

So I did some investigating on the web and noticed that other users had the same type of problem.  I've tried uninstalling and re-installing MBAM, updating (again and again), re-booting and turning on and off, but it keeps coming up 'Your system is not fully protected'.  When I exit MBAM and then start it up, the system is happy :) for approximately 5 seconds, then switches to :( 'Your system is not fully protected'.

I have attached the required files (CheckResults.txt, FRST.txt and Addition.txt).  Perhaps you can offer a solution for my problem.


Thanx, in advance




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Hello and welcome:

Thank you for the logs.

Until a forum expert or staff member has a chance to review your logs, a few thing stand out:

  1. Windows XP SP2: Windows XP SP3 went EOL back in 2014. Windows XP SP2 went EOL years before that.  Your OS has not received any critical security or other patches for many years.
  2. No installed AV? See #1 -- without any sort of realtime AV or other security protection, your system is entirely vulnerable to malware. Even with MBAM Premium, one needs to have a robust, realtime AV, either free or paid.  Some AV vendors have stopped support for XP with their current software builds, but a few do still support XP.

Both of those issues will need to be addressed at some point, in order to bolster the extremely weak security defenses of this particular system against the current malware landscape.

<just sayin'>

Please wait for someone to formally review your logs & to provide further assistance.

Thank you for your patience,



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  • 7 months later...

Windows 7, Malwarebytes 3.0.5.  Reloaded Malwarebytes per support recommendations multiple times.  Still Web Protection kept turning "OFF."  Setup "Rootkit Scan"  per support instructions to see if there was a problem there.  Scanned and no problems but now the Web Protection no longer turns "OFF."  Have no idea what happened.  Not a computer geek.  Give it a shot.

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