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Neither of the apps work, period

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I downloaded the anti-ransomware beta and the anti-exploit trial three days ago.  Both are running services, as is the anti-malware app.  Yet I've had more than a dozen ransomware attacks in the last two days, and I'm not on the Internet a lot.  There is no evidence any of those apps has even encountered ransomware.  Luckily, I know other ways around ransomware, but I shouldn't need those methods if I have all this software power.  Just smoke and mirrors, pure baloney, bogus software.  Malwarebytes  stands behind these products?  Really?  As I type this, ransomware is controlling one pipe (website/screen) on my Internet connection, and not a peep from any of your products, and no ability to identify the file and have your software remove it.  Working around it while it is active is a pain, and using Task Manager to close it (end task) causes Internet Explorer to shut down every window I have open, not just the ransomware window.  Your product is supposed to handle it without any harm to me.  But where is that protection?  Smoke and mirrors, baloney, bogus crap.

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Hi Greg :)

You do realize that Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware is in "beta", and that the product isn't 100% stable, yet, right? So of course you might encounter little bugs here and there. If you aren't ready to deal with them, the solution is simple: don't use the program, and wait for the official version to be released. When you use a beta program, you need to be ready to deal with it, so Malwarebytes isn't to blame here since they are openly saying that the program is in a beta state, and asking the users to report any bugs they encounter so they can fix them (and they are fixing them fast). I think a lot of people fail to understand what a "beta" is like, even in 2016.

This being said, if you wish to report false positives from MBARW, follow the instructions in the pinned thread below.

If you don't want to deal with a "baloney, bogus crap", then I suggest you to uninstall it, and wait until an official version (out of beta) gets released. Simple as that :) 

As for your issue with Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit, I suggest you to report them in its support section, where you'll receive proper assistance for it.


Thank you!

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