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Hi, @Myshelle:

Just to add: for a few months starting in March 2014, Malwarebytes did offer an "up to 3 PC" consumer, renewable, subscription license.  Although that particular license model is no longer offered, AFAIK such existing licenses have been "grandfathered" and will remain in force, as long as the customer renews the subscription.

If you purchased your original license during the period that those "up to 3 PC" licenses were available and it is indeed one of those licenses, then you ought to be able to activate it on another system in your household.

If, on the other hand, you have either a 1-PC "lifetime" license or a 1-PC subscription license, then, such a license may be used on only 1 system at a time.  It may, however, be transferred to another PC in the same household.

If you are not sure when you purchased your license or what type it is, then I suggest contacting either cleverbridge HERE or HERE (if you purchased directly from the Malwarebytes store), or the vendor from whom you purchased the license.  They will assist you with sorting it out.

Thank you,

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9 hours ago, Myshelle said:

Thank you, yes that was it in 2014 I found my email copy from when I purchased and it did allow for 3 others.


Just to clarify: the "up to 3 PCs" license may be activated on UP TO 3 systems in the same household, not 1 + 3 others.;)


9 hours ago, Myshelle said:

Will make contact

Yes, that is the best way to proceed with activation/licensing issues -- the folks at cleverbridge and the Malwarebytes help desk have access to the information needed to sort them out.  Alas, we here in the forum do not.

The confirmation email you located will be most useful in helping them to efficiently fix your activation issue.

Please let us know when you resolve your issue, if you wish.

Thanks again for your support,

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