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Fixmypc false positive


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Hello Sirs,

Previously I reported the same false positive here. Now we have adressed all your arguments. 

1. Bundling.  We no longer have any bundling http://joxi.ru/GrqvgjqFND3dvm

2. No free time limited trial. Scanning is the only free functionality, but we don't find this practice unfair since we provide 30 day money back guarantee if a customer didn't like the product for any reason. As for automatically opening payment page, we have decided to give it up and in the newest builds there is no such thing. 
3. Alarmist detections.  Even a brand-new computer may have a number of issues because of the OS and new software installation (leftover temporary files, registry entries that were supposed to be deleted after program install or problems caused by outdated drivers that may come with devices or with pre-installed hardware). But the number of issues found on a brand-new PC is usually much smaller than what could be found on a 1-year old computer that hasn’t been maintained.
Our software  detects issues and automatically ranks them according to the probability of negative impact on PC performance. The automatic ranking algorithms are based on extensive analysis, but there is always a possibility that the same issue may receive a different ranking on a specific PC or from a particular person. Our software provides the option to review all detected items and form your own opinion of the severity of each issue.
The similar results are always given our competitor's product, Norton Utilities, which is not flagged by you as PUP.   We think they way detections presented in our software and Norton Utilities are quite similar. We call 'severe' issues which may affect PC performance and stability with a high probablility. Norton Utilities call these issues as 'High priority' which is quite similar in the meaning. Also, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the number of 'severe' or 'high priority' issues found by both programs on the same computer are pretty close meaning our software does not exaggerate
4. As for the unsolicited nag, we have decided to give it up and in the newest builds there is no such thing.
5. MyWot. Our bad rating has occurred due to a competitors attack in the beginning of development if our brand. As you probably know, once your rating has been red on mywot, other evaluates also rate the site red, regardless of the fact whether they have had experience with our products or not, because being compliant with the crowd gives them more credibility as assessors. You can find more about mywot bias at  http://dukeo.com/mywot-web-of-trust-review/
Anyway, now we are taking all measures to get us whitelisted in mywot, reporting fake reviews and asking the whole community for the re-evaluation. 
On the basis of the above information we would like to kindly ask you to stop flagging us as PUP.


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  • Staff

Dear lan2016,

We treat all PUP vendors in the same manner. If you would like to be delisted, we provide a specific set of criteria that is required for delisting. In this case, these criteria were not addressed adequately.


1) Software bundling

You claim to no longer bundle software and provided a screenshot to this effect. I went to your website to grab the latest installer for your program. Yet, when I installed FixMyPC myself, I was greeted with this prechecked bundle offer:

tweakbit bundle 1.jpg

Whatever file you used to generate your screenshot is not what is being offered on your website.


2) Alarmist detections

Empty Registry entries from Add/Remove Programs are not detriments to performance, let alone severe detriments. Users may be more inclined to purchase this software for problems they do not have (also known as a scam), if they believe their computer's performance is actually impacted when in reality it is not, as a consequence of the entries below.

tweakbit severe.jpg

Mind you this was on a clean installation of Windows Vista x64. If your company's position is that even clean Windows installations have severe stability issues as a consequence of empty Registry entries from Add/Remove programs, then you are in fact attempting to deceive the user who installed the software. What issues could possibly even garner a 5 out of 5 severity score? 1 out of 5? Your competitor considers these empty Add/Remove Programs entries to be Low Priority as well they should be.



As such, your appeal to your competitor is also flawed and they are not considered to be a PUP.


3) Scare tactics to purchase software

tweakbit poor stability.jpg

This clean installation of Windows Vista x64 was given a golden score of "POOR Computer stability status" with a "SEVERE Impact level." In reality the computer was running quite well with zero signs of performance or stability issues, let alone "POOR Computer stability status" with a "SEVERE Impact level." Furthermore, how can you possibly guarantee improved stability with a 100% guarantee? Do you understand that this is literally impossible and that claiming this is in actuality a scam tactic?


To summarize, your company has not adequately addressed our concerns and quite frankly it is insulting that you repeatedly insist that you have, when even a cursory glance at your software implies otherwise. We will continue to detect this software and will not entertain the idea of delisting unless substantial changes are made to all of the above criteria. Not one, not some; all. Several members of our team have now used valuable time to independently verify that our detection is in fact legitimate.


Good day.


Edit: Further duplicate topics will be deleted.

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