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System issues, previously suspected malware

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I've been having some weird issues with my computer as of late. I had originally though malware was the cause and created a thread in that part of the forum. Thread can be viewed here 

After going through the instructions I was given I was redirected here.

Essentially my problem centers around my clock displaying the wrong time/date and every 90 minutes I completely lose access to the internet. So if I set the clock to say 8.30am, it will display 8.30am every time I reset/power on the PC. I've used both task manager and my CAM monitoring software and it does not appear that there is any spike in CPU use when this occurs. In addition, when using CCleaner I had noticed that it was taking an abnormally long time to clear my internet cache, as in minutes as opposed to the 8-9 seconds it usually takes.

Today when I lost net access at the 90 minutes mark, I attempted to manually reset my time/date to see if it would have any positive effect. I was running CAM software at the time. The resetting of the clock did not fix the net access issue. Attempting to use CCleaner at that point resulted in the cleaner getting stuck during it's process. It became stuck when attempting to clear System temporary files. Specifically C:/Windows/TEMP/CR_8EA24.tmp/setup.exe. I was then unable to cancel the process, access task manager or shut down/reset my system. 

I killed the power to my PC in order to reset and when I powered on my clock had once again reset to the incorrect time and also my CAM software seems to have disappeared. The shortcut is gone from my desktop and apparently so too is the folder the software was stored in.


I would really hugely appreciate any assistance you guys can offer.

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Much of what you describe is over my head (and you were assisted by the best of the best in the malware removal section, our forum Root Admin, @AdvancedSetup).

So, I will defer to others with more expertise.

However, his last suggestion in your other topic seems to be very much on the right track:


It does sound like the computer probably needs a new CMOS battery though

Many computer functions depend on the system having an accurate date and time.

So, at least for my inexpert eyes, that would be the first place to start.

ALSO: in order to find out where your system is now, after the previous work, it might might help to get a FRESH set of FRST logs.
Please delete your current copy of FRST, grab a fresh download and (before scanning) please make sure there is a check-mark in the "Addition.txt" option.

Then, please attach both FRST.txt and Addition.txt to your next reply here in this thread.

One of the forum expert members/helpers will review them and advise you further.


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