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Rootkit Scans Question (I'm just askin')

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I have Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Home Premium:

Malware Database: v2016.05.14.03
Rootkit Database: v2016.05.06.01
License: Premium

Why is that the Rootkit Scan function is "Disabled" on the:

1. Threat Scan

2. Hyper Scan

But its optionally selectable on the Custom Scan?

In my Detection and Protection Settings the Scan for rootkits is checked.

Thanks. Peace. Alan


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There are 2 places to enable anti-rootkit scanning, a global setting (dashboard > settings > detection and protection > detection options), AND an "Advanced" setting within the automated scan task scheduler -- please let us know if you need help finding or configuring that setting in the scheduler.

Rootkit scanning is not a specific feature for the Threat scan because the default Threat scan locations are pre-coded into the program.  Enabling the anti-rootkit feature is done elsewhere in the GUI and in the scheduler, as explained above.

Rootkit scanning is not a feature for the Hyper scan because the Hyper scan is a fast, superficial scan. Rootkit scanning is a slower, deeper scan feature. (The Hyper scan is available only to Trial and Premium users, but it is NOT the recommended scan type. If anything is found, a deeper Threat or full, custom scan will be needed.)

There is also a known logging issue (wherein the user has the setting enabled correctly, but the scan log does not show it) -- it is on the list for fixes.

Having said all that, the critical component of MBAM Premium is provided by its realtime protection to help PREVENT infection.  Scans are just a "second opinion" to pick up things that might have gotten past your defenses.  A daily Threat scan suffices for most users under most conditions.

A staff member may have more to add or may explain things better.




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Thanks, daledoc1. I missed the checkbox in the Advanced settings in the Automated Scans Task Scheduler.

Peace Alan.

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You are most welcome.


{{P.S. you might want to consider changing your "signature block" a wee bit.  There is really no such program as "MBAMP" or "MBAEP".  Use of those acronyms might be a bit confusing for forum newcomers.  "MBAM Premium" and "MBAE Premium" are the standard terms we use around here;). <just a friendly suggestion.>}}

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