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Exploit payload process blocked


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EXACT same issue.

We are using the Corp. Endpoint version.

From an Oracle Form we call a java applet that (as part of the process) attempts to set the path [cmd /set c] so the image stored in our imaging server can display it in Internet Explorer. 

BLOCK   C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe \c set

I've tried all the advanced settings check boxes in the console's policy settings...under the "application Behavior Protection" tab for the "Java Protection" section...but unless I completely disable the Java shield, it blocks it.

Blocking malicious Java stuff is one of the reasons we purchased the AE module.

I hope you can find a workaround sooner rather than later.

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  • Staff

We are working on a fix for this for 1.09. We'll release a beta ASAP so you can verify the fix. Please open a ticket in Support describing the issue you are encountering to make sure you receive the 1.09 beta when it becomes available.



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we experienced the same issue with MBAE v1.09.2.1261. An error message is displayed with "Selected threat does not contain a valid payload checksum, The "payload" cannot be added into exclusion list." when I tried to exclude it from the central console

I have reproduced the issue with a simple msgbox ("hello") in a simple vb script.

the payload is: “C:\Windows\System32\cscript.exe C:\Windows\System32\csript.exe C:\Users\<userename>\Desktop\hello.vbs";

The layer used during this detection is 3 which means "Application Behavior Protection". I am surprised we cannot exclude it because MBAE exclusions are only for detections of exploit techniques in Layer3 (Application Behavior Protection).

Please, help.


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