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It doesn't look like normal behavior to me. Yes, YouTube will show you a preview of the video if you move your cursor along the timer (like shown in the screenshot below), but not in the way yours shows.


Does it happens in any other web browsers? Which one are you using right now?

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I forgot to mention this is on only one of my computers and none of my other computers. Even when it is the same browser but it only shows up on one of them. The browser is Opera which is basically a No Frills version of Google Chrome. I tried YouTube with FireFox (including on the same computer with the suspicious YouTube behaviour) and it does not appear on FireFox. 


Previewing should be as you described, only on the Timer Bar. And Pop Out should only be the two buttons on the bottom right corner: Enlarge and Full Screen. Clicking the thing on the top center displays the duplicate video, which has two buttons even though they do the same thing (they both close the duplicate video.)


I guess I am the first one to discover this type of infection.

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  • Root Admin

Well the logs do show that the computer does have PUPs (Possibly Unwanted Programs) and other minor infection junk. It also shows applications or services not working properly. Would like to assist you further, however it also shows that you're running KMSpico v9.1.3 which is designed to steal Windows from Microsoft.

If you'd like further assistance then you'd need to remove any pirated items from the system.

This topic will now be closed due to evidence of cracked or pirated software on this system.

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