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Hello, I recently turned on my computer and noticed that when I opened google chrome it popped up on a blank page called, navigation.iwatchavi.com. I checked to see if my browser setup was wrong and it wasn't. I tried a quick clean up of my browser setting on chrome. It fixed it for a few times but after a reboot it was back. I uninstalled and reinstalled chrome, no help. I've searched for it in registry editor, NOTHING!! The only help Google has is to download SpyHunter4 and I am positive that is not going to work because I've dealt with that fiasco in the past. The is no application installed for it either. I've run both Malware bytes premium and Anvisoft and neither pick it up as malware. Either I'm screwed or this is just extremely complicated. Another thing, for every google search I do on this virus, the posts online were created literally 3-6 days ago. And if they weren't they all offer the exact same fix which doesn't fix anything. Please help. 

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It has been resolved, after 7 hours of picking the internet apart i used, CCleaner, uninstalled Chrome, Ran Malware bytes, researched my regedit, and then finally ran a full PC scan which took 3 hours! Rebooted 5 times since then to assure everything is back to normal. Hope none of you ever get this like I did. Its a sneaky bastard. 

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