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How to enable usage access for Malwarebytes on Amazon fire

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I am using Malwarebytes on my Amazon Fire and I've not


iced that after the new version update, it tells me I'm not completely safe unless i turn on usage access for malwarebytes. when I check the dashboard, it shows real time protection is on, but but its really not on. this is really frustrating. Has anyone heard of this? On the Fire, I can't find any way to turn that on at all, there's no way to do it. Can anyone help in this. I spent an hour trying to turn this usage access on, I cannot find a way to do this on the Fire-it's a new Fire. Thanks very much for any suggestions. Mark82


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Hello and :welcome:, @Mark82:

It sounds as if you are reporting an issue with MBAM-Mobile for the Android platform (the Amazon Fire runs a version of Android OS)?

If so, another member reported this same issue here recently:

As there has not been a reply from Malwarebytes staff about this for the other topic, the best bet at this time might be to follow the suggestions HERE, and to open a ticket directly with the MBAM-Mobile team members at the Help Desk.
They will assist you with looking into your issue.


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Dear Sunny: I too originally spent about an hour trying to do that. I finally got in touch with Malwarebytes technical support and they told me not to worry about it at all-it is something that will be fixed on the next major Malwarebytes system update. I use both Malwarebytes home premium alongsde Webroot Anywhere Complete on my other two computers, for over six years with great success. For some reason, on the Fire Tablet, Malwarebytes shows a notice that usage access is not enabled, when in fact it really is and you you are fully protected. Don't worry, you are fully protected and they will address this notification on their next major update.For some reason, it shows up on the Fire and some cell phones that way, when in fact, you are fully protected and the real time protection, even with that notice, is always on. Malwarebytyes is a really great security add-on and is made to very nicely run alongside any other anti-virus suite. With all the scammers and on-line hackers out there, I feel comfortable running those two together. What one doesn't catch, the other one will. My grandson was trying to play a free on-line game on the Fire one day and called out to me- Grandpa, what is this notice? It was Malwarebytes stopping a malicious attack.with the real time protection, so I know it's working. Don't worry and Take Care. Mark82

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