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Recurrent Exploits

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The following Exploit continue to infect this laptop:


I run 3-4 times a week a full scan of either Trend Micro Housecall, MS security or MS Safety scanner (this last 2 are identical) and for the past month, either one will find this problems and remove then. My ATV and antimalware is MS Security. Yes, is not the best nor most aggressive, but I hate the intrusion garbage of the mayor ones. Use to use Norton then Trend Micro. I also use the MS firewall only and there is one inactive in the router.

I do not believe my surfing habits are dangerous and have been the same for years. Sites are usually financials, news, MSN, FOX, BBC and others foreign newspapers, Netflix and YouTube.

Are they "hiding" elsewhere? Where am I getting this crap from and is there a way to block Them?

Your expert advice will be most appreciated.

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Hello and :welcome:, @recreaghmd:

It's hard to say what's happening without more data, such as scan logs and some basic system information.  The malware could be incompletely removed, or respawning from the the cloud/sync data, or any number of possibilities.

This particular sub-forum in which you have posted is reserved for discussion of a recent forum software update.  Malware-related issues are better handled in the special forum area reserved for that purpose.  I have asked the forum mod team to relocate this thread to the malware removal section, where a trained expert will assist you, one-one-one, with scanning, cleanup and repair.

If you prefer to head over there now, without waiting, I suggest starting with the advice here: Available Assistance for Possibly Infected Computers.  It explains the options for free, expert help and the preliminary steps to expedite the process.  Then, please just start a new post in the malware removal section, preferably with the requested FRST logs.  A helper will take it from there.


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  • Root Admin

As this sub-forum is for topics concerning the forum software itself and this topic is about possible infection I'll go ahead and move it to the Malwarebytes support section of the forum. Please follow the advice from daledoc1 to seek further assistance on any possible infection. Scans to see what is there would be a first step. Regardless of site they all use advertising and that is not under their full control and one can get things that way too. I hear you on the resource issue of Microsoft AV vs the others but unfortunately using resources is part of stronger protection. Though I would ask when is the last time you used Norton Antivirus? I use it on my wife's computer and on another computer along with MBAM and when neither is updating, or scanning the resource usage is almost nothing. Granted on older slower hardware it will be more noticeable. If you're okay running the way you are vs getting a more full fledged antivirus solution then I would highly suggest you ensure you have good solid external backups just in case. Always better safe than sorry. Sort of like car insurance. You hear of people that have driven 30 years without an accident and then one day the car is totaled at a cost of $30K or more. At that time is when you're glad you did have insurance. 

I'd recommend reading the following article.

Backup Software

Thanks and good luck



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