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I am a new one and unfortunately would like to start  submitting question.  I am going to change my antivirus tool installed on my PC (XP SP3, home edition, Ralink Wireless, Linksys  router ). There are some reasons encouraging me to use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. The point is I cannot recognise “MBAM” has or not built firewall  functionality in (I am not familiar with IT technology). The second question, if not - what would be interaction between MBAM and extraneous firewalls, for instance ZonAlarm or Sygate?

Explanation would be appreciated.

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Hello and :welcome:, @Miecz:

First and foremost, MBAM (Free or even Premium) is NOT an antivirus and is not a substitute for an antivirus (AV). It is designed to run alongside a robust, real-time AV, to provide complementary protection against certain types of malware often missed by the AVs.  So, even with MBAM Premium, you'll need a good AV, either free or paid.  There are many fine options, although many security software vendors have dropped support for Windows XP.  So, you may have to do a bit of research to find one that does support that extinct version of Windows.

Next, MBAM is not a firewall, either.  The Premium version does provide realtime malicious website protection, but, it's not a substitute for a third-party software firewall or hardware firewall.  MBAM Premium ought to work just fine alongside all of the popular software firewalls. (Again, you'll need to find a product that still supports XP.)

MBAM does continue to support XP, but certain features of the upcoming MBAM program versions will not be supported under that version of Windows.
And, if your XP system's hardware is older, you might need to run a hotfix in order to install MBAM, as explained here: 0xc000001d error - failed to initialize

If you need more help with this, we may need to see a bit more information about your system in the form of Diagnostic Logs.

Thanks for your interest,

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Happily, I confessed I am not familiar with IT technology … Anyway thanks so lot for your explanation. As regard to system change, I am a little embarrassed, because I am near 80. old years and there is no certainty the new system will be effectively used by me !

I’ll exercise the links you enabled and, if you don’t mind, I’ll get back here to my question.

Kind regards

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Yes, please feel free to post back if you need more help.:)

A friendly word of advice: XP has been fully dead for more than 2 years.  That means it has not received any security patches since then and it poses a significant security risk.  Even if you switch web browsers from the highly insecure IE8 to something more robust (e.g. Firefox or Chrome), your system is still very vulnerable to malware.

Unfortunately, no software program or combination of programs (e.g. MBAM + MBAE + Firewall + AV) can possibly protect 100% of computers from 100% of malware 100% of the time under XP (or even under more up-to-date, supported Windows versions).  Even users who practice safe computing habits can be struck with malware these days.

So, at some point, if your circumstances and budget permit doing so, it would be a good idea to consider upgrading to a new computer running a supported version of Windows.  It's not a guarantee of safety, but it would be easier to harden one's defenses on more modern hardware and a more secure version of Windows OS.

Just a thought....

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hi ive been using malwarebytes for more than five years now and i've never ever needed another antivirus or a separate firewall. to call this a second fiddle to another solid antivirus would be a sin. in fact most of the solid so called antiviruses failed the "wannacry" whereas malwarebytes had the inbuilt guard against it. I dont even use the windows firewall for my home network with malwarebytes. My router has enough of firewalling.

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