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Periodically I check my history for scans on my premium MWB program. I have it set to run threat scans every hour - every day. When I checked yesterday, 5/7, I noticed that none had been run on 5/6. None at all. I have been having a lot of issues with this pc and have had at least 5 remote sessions with Microsoft techs to cure some of the ill encountered after a windows 7 reinstall. The last one of these sessions was run on 5/5. About 3 ran yesterday, 5/7. One is scheduled to run today at 10:45. I don't know why these settings have changed. Should I be worried. Thanks for any input.

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Welcome back.:)

First: there is absolutely no need to run scans every hour.  That is very much overkill and could eventually cause undue wear and tear on your hard drive.  The critical protection component of MBAM Premium is its realtime protection to help PREVENT infection.  Occasional scans to double-check for malware that may have made it past MBAM and your AV are all that's needed for most users under most conditions.  That's why the recommended and default schedule for automated scans is for daily Threat scan.

Next: I suspect that, given the "hourly" scan schedule you have, perhaps coupled with the advanced setting to "check for updates before scanning" (which results in randomization +/- 15 minutes of the scheduled time), and perhaps with "recover if missed by" settings, MBAM may be glitching out, because all of the scheduled scan tasks are conflicting with one another.  Or MBAM might be running into conflicts with other scans or tasks from other programs.

Also (as I expect you already know, but I will mention it for completeness), MBAM will not scan when the computer is turned off or asleep/hibernating. It may or may not "make up" missed scans, depending on your scheduler configuration.

There are two ways to proceed:

#1: The fastest way to get back up and running might be to just perform a proper, CLEAN reinstall by carefully following ALL of the steps here: MBAM Clean Removal 2x.

  1. Doing so will clean out an wonky, redundant, overlapping or otherwise troublesome settings and will get you back to a clean state.
  2. It's important to have your license info handy and to deactivate your license (dashboard > my account > deactivate) before you start;
  3. It's also important to reboot when prompted by the removal tool; it's a good idea to reboot again after the reinstall;
  4. And it's important to be logged in to Windows from an Admin account when you perform the reinstall.

#2: If you prefer, instead, to have us look a bit more deeply at what's going on first, then it would help to have a bit more system info.

  1. To provide that, please follow the steps in this pinned topic and then please ATTACH all 3 logs to your next reply in this thread: Diagnostic Logs

Thank you,


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Thank you D.D1. I will go in and change the settings to daily threat scans and knock off the hourly scans. Don't know if I need a clean install as the program seems to run fine with the exception of the one day without scans.  It did its scan today so I will give it a day or two and see how it works out.  Thank you again. Really appreciate your help as always.

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Yes, removing the previous scan task and replacing it with a new, Daily Threat scan task ought to fix the problem. 
It probably wouldn't hurt to reboot the computer after changing those settings, for good measure.

If you want the daily scan to run at the exact time at which it's scheduled, please disable the Advanced setting for "check for updates before scanning".  Otherwise, the scan time will be randomized to +/- 15 minutes of the scheduled time, because update checks are randomized in this way in order to balance server load.  As long as you are running frequent update checks (hourly with a recurrence of every 1 to 4 hours), it should be fine to disable it, but it's up to you.  If you leave it enabled, please be aware that scheduled daily scans will run at +/- 15 minutes of the scheduled time.

Also, it's my personal preference to disable the "recover if missed by" setting.  I find that it can be inconvenient to have MBAM trying to "make up" a missed scan at awkward times, e.g. soon after cold starting the system.  But it's up to you whether or not to leave that enabled. The recovery interval must be less than the scheduled scan interval. So, for a daily scan, the "recover if missed by" needs to be less than a day; that's why the default setting is 23 hours.

>>If these modifications do not resolve your issue, then more work may be needed, either in the form of a clean reinstall or in the form of the requested diagnostic logs.

Thanks again,

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