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False Positive dustbuster.exe


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MBAR detected dustbuster.exe as a false positive.  dustbuster.exe is a junk file remover that was developed for Windows XP and the Italian parent company is out of business.  This little software removes junk files that other file cleaners do not want to remove.  Surprisingly ,it still works for all editions of Windows including Win10.  What I do not like is that it marks the file for deletion upon reboot and does not allow me to restore it.  I see that the MBAR has this problem elsewhere.  I know that this is in BETA testing, but I need to remind you that I decide what goes or stays on my computer.  No one person or company/organization decides, otherwise.  It seems that every so often people, need to remind companies of that (especially Microsoft).  I own my computer, not you.  I only use your software under end-user license.

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Hello mknunan:

The MBARW Beta testing public has been assured by the development team that false positive files, triggering MBARW Beta6, are only meant for quarantine and not for deletion and that misleading message will be corrected in a future beta version.  Simply following the first three (3) steps of the False Positive procedure below should restore the quarantined executable.

Please carefully read the locked and pinned topic in this sub-forum, How to report a False Positive and for developer analysis, kindly attach the 3 requested .zip archives to your next reply in this thread.

If an exclusion has not already been entered, a temporary exclusion entry might then be made available to prevent a re-occurrence for your individual system.  Thank you for beta testing MBARW and your feedback.

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