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Open Fire Fox get popup


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Perhaps check the settings tab to see if the "notifications" and logging options are un-ticked/disabled?

If they were disabled before the recent upgrade, perhaps they reverted to the default setting (which I think is "enabled") with the recent upgrade?

(I do my upgrades on-top, running the full installer, rather than via the auto-updater.  But I've not had any issues with settings not being retained.)

Hope this helps,



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1 minute ago, KenW said:

Everything checked which was default and not changed

Then I'm sorry, I guess I misunderstand the issue you are reporting?:unsure:

If the notifications setting is enabled, you ought to get a notification popup from the MBAE system tray icon when a shielded application (such as a browser) is launched.
If the notifications setting is disabled, you ought NOT to get such a popup.

Are you reporting something else and anomalous?


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The "log protection events" box was checked and I never got the popup until this morning. The "Show system tray notifications" was also checked.

This better not be the way it is supposed to work. It will be gone and never renewed.

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The logging setting controls logging.

The notifications setting controls the notification popups -- some users want them, others do not.

1196 has been out (both in beta and in general release) for several weeks and there aren't (m)any reports of the issue you describe.
AFAIK, user settings should have been retained during the upgrade to this minor bug-fix build.
So perhaps something went amiss with your recent upgrade to the new build. 

It hardly seems like a show-stopper, and it (or other minor issues) would likely be resolved by a clean reinstall (as per the steps here). 

But it's certainly up to you.
Now that you have added the logs to your original post, perhaps @pbust or another MBAE staff member will see something noteworthy there.
We'll need to wait for one of them to review the logs and to advise you further.


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  • Staff
On 5/7/2016 at 9:34 AM, KenW said:

"Show system tray notifications" unchecked, stopped the popups. Another weird Malwarebytes happening.

This is expected behavior. If you uncheck "Show system tray notifications" it will stop the notifications.

However what worries me more is your original message saying that it never showed notifications before, even when the setting was enabled. The only reason for that happening would be if you have (had) a hanging firefox.exe process that never closed correctly. And every new instance of firefox.exe after that was not really "new" as there was a previously hanging firefox.exe process already running in the background.

Perform a complete reboot to see if the problem persists. Also when closing Firefox make sure there are no firefox.exe processes running in the background (using Task Manager).


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