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malware removal

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I have some questions about malware/malware removal.

I am running a Windows 7 home premium OS. I was using Google Chrome. I have McAfee antivirus standard edition on my computer. I was using the public library's network for the second time.

I was searching yahoo.com for instagram. The search results showed instagram.com and had the little green search safe checkmark next to it so I clicked it. It was definately instagram too because I checked the spelling. Then a strange page came up: 


It locked up my Chrome but not my computer. I restarted my computer and it happened again. Then I restarted again and it did NOT happen again.  This is obviously malware but I don't understand how I got it unless it's from the library's network. I have never had malware on my computer before now. I also don't understand why McAfee didn't stop the redirect. I am doing a full scan now of my computer but how do I know what this did to my computer?? Was it just a form of ransomware or did it put a trojan, worm, or virus on my computer? How can you tell? Scans aren't always 100%. 

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What you provided is a Fraud site and not real.  It is not generated by malware on your PC.  It is a type of malicious activity called a Malvertisement

The site you saw is similar to the video of such a site that I created and host ( it is only a video example ).


The  Malvertisement can be mixed into a rotating advertisement on a web site or mixed into a randomized advertisement.  Some web sites are more prone to this than others.  It is dependent on whom the web site owner chooses to do advertisement business with.

Since these fraud sites are not dependent upon software to be on a PC, no anti malware software can detect it.  Simply because it emanates from the Web and not from the PC.

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