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Anti exploit attack


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Hi, I cannot use the icons I have created to various sites, when I click on an icon it then shows a notice from Malwarebytes saying...

anti exploit has blocked an exploit attempt..protection against os security bypass...exploit pup gadget attack blocked.. file n/a..attack url n/a

I can not use any created icons ..except google, is there a way out of this, have I ticked a wrong box?? I am not computer literate, so please keep it simple.



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Hi, @FREDDY, and :welcome:

Anti-Exploit has a button in the settings where you can restore your settings to default values, the normal values that are enabled and disabled when you first install Anti-Exploit. 

  1. Open Anti-Exploit, go to the Settings tab

    MBAE Restore Default Settings 1.PNG
  2. Click the Advanced settings button

    MBAE Restore Default Settings 2.PNG
  3. Click on the Restore defaults button

    MBAE Restore Default Settings 3.PNG
  4. After doing that, reboot your computer, and then see if the shortcuts work.

Let us know if this worked or not.

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Hi, thank you for replying, I don't have the full version of anti exploit, it came for free, so I have no way to

get to the program to alter it, I paid for the anti malware.. but again I can only guess I have ticked the right boxes there

theres not much else I can tell you...sorry.


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Not necessarily.  The reason I ask about the browser is that we have had issues with Chrome browser specifically recently, so if it is Chrome, perhaps you should try the latest build, 1195, which is not downloadable from the main site, but is a special build that was developed specifically to address a few issues that recently popped up.

If you'd rather remove Anti-Exploit, that's fine.  if you want to try to get it working, we can troubleshoot some more.  Just let me know - I'm always around :)

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OK, I use build 1189, and I use a multitude of browsers (IE, Edge, Firefox Nightly, Chrome Developer, Chrome Canary, Vivaldi, all three builds of Opera, etc.)

If you would like you can PM a .ZIPped copy of a couple of the shortcuts that are causing this issue so I can try them from my end.  If the sites require some sort of username and password, do NOT send that information to me.  I just want the shortcuts themselves so I can see what is going on.  I have a suspicion, but I want to verify something myself first.

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Both Westfield Fasteners and RipMax links opened up perfectly fine on my end.  I tried IE11, Chrome, and Firefox Nightly.  0 issues with Anti-Exploit and any of those browsers.

So, it is not Anti-Exploit by itself.  Something else is causing this to occur.  It might be a an addon that is installed on your machine that is causing this to occur, but then it should occur every time you open a browser, not just particular links.

Are you also running Anti-Malware on your system?  I'd like to get a scan from it if you are.

If not, then let's gather some logs here:

Follow the log gathering instructions in tis post:

And then the log gather instructions in this post as well:

Attach those files to your next reply and let's take a look at what it happening.

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A new build of Anti-Exploit was released a couple of days ago - would you try using the instructions in this thread  to cleanly install Anti-Exploit?

At step six, don't use the link there - the newest build is 1196, and publicly available from https://www.malwarebytes.org/antiexploit/ so use this link instead.

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