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Windows vista - shutting down before scan finishes

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Hi, @Alexnevermind33, and :welcome:

When you say it shuts down, does it give you an error of any kind?  Any screen shot(s) that you can take will help immensely.

If so, I think that the first thing you should probably do is follow the instructions in the following post to perform a clean installation of Anti-Malware on your computer:


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Both malwarebytes and trendmicro came up empty but when i went to try to search internet on firefox my browser it was redirecting me. Browser said waiting for s.yimg.com - i couldnt go anywhere it froze.  When this started was april 2 or so i still had chrome and support was ending so i deleted chrome and added firefox. Havent been able to do anything since

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s.yimg.com is the URL for Yahoo Images.  It sounds like you may need to try using a new Firefox profile to see if it is something on your system or if it is just your Firefox profile that is not working correctly.

Not sure what you mean about support ending for Chrome - Chrome is fully supported on all machines.  I use Chrome on my machine daily, as well as Firefox on a daily basis as well.

Let's start with basics - what operating system are you using, and what are your system specifications?

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7 minutes ago, John L. Galt said:

Not sure what you mean about support ending for Chrome - Chrome is fully supported on all machines. 

The OP means this. The OP is a Vista user.


To the OP Just to note support for Vista next April.


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Lol yeah, exactly my point.  People looked at me funny when I was building XP boxes with 4 GB RAM, particularly those that knew that the 32bit XP could not make full use of the 4 GB installed.  I had my reasons, and when I tested Vista, I had many fewer issues on my home brewed machine testing than did so many others, because I was generally an outlier in terms of system specs.

Then when I built this box with 12 GB of RAM, again people looked at me funny.  Funny how I'm on a 7+ year old CPU and still going strong with the only upgrades having been SSDs and GAs....

@Alexnevermind33 - please, if you can, list the OS (vista including Service Pack (aka SP) level, and your general hardware build.  If you're not sure of the Hardware build, at the very least mention the make and model of your computer, whether it is a laptop or a desktop, and most specifically, whether this originally came with Vista, or if it was an XP box that you upgraded, as well as the last time that you performed a clean install of Vista nad all programs (if you can remember when that was - ballpark figured, meaning just a year, is fine).

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