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AutoCad crashes when Malwarebytes is installed

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Hi, @fabulosospucas, and :welcome:

A couple of questions: 

  1. When you say that MBAM is installed, does this mean th premium version (or trial) with MBAM running in the background, or does this mean the free version with no MBAM running in the background?
  2. If premium / trial version, does AutoCAD work when you exit out of MBAM first (using the icon in the notification area, aka system tray, to exit out of MBAM completely)?
  3. Is this a new install of MBAM, or have you had it on this computer before?  If it is not a new install I am hopnig that you could try to use the instructions in the following post to cleanly install MBAM and see if it makes a difference:
  4. Finally, if it is a brand new install, and exiting out of the program does not work, then please following the instructions in the following post to generate a few log files that we can use to help determine where the error lies:

Please post back with answers to questions 1-3 at the least, and if 4 applies, then 4 instead of 3.

Edited by John L. Galt
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Hello. In answer to your questions:


  1. It's the premium version (Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Home Premium
  2. No, it doesn't work, I've even tried disabling startup for MBAM but it still doesn't work. When I do uninstall it though, then AutoCad works without an issue. 
  3. I did a clean uninstall as indicated and the problem is seemingly gone. 
  4. Not necessary, although I don´t know if #3 was a definite solution.

Thank you for your help, I will be reporting if issues reappear but AutoCad is now working perfectly again. 

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