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Programs cannot access internet because of malware HELP

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Alright, here is the original post that I made earlier:





I hit a nasty piece of malware the other day, and so far I've been able to  mostly clean it up. It registered a bunch of services and installed programs that launched on startup. I rooted that out using MBAM and RogueKiller.

The malware, it appears, had the last laugh though. I believe it still managed to screw with the registry pretty badly or something. There are a few issues still that I can't get rid of:

  • MBAM got corrupted, and I can't seem to re-install it. I get Runtime Error (at 110:137): Could not call proc. when I attempt to install it.
  • Certain programs on my computer cannot communicate with the internet. Internet Explorer is one of these programs. Firefox just crashes on startup. Chrome was originally unable to access the internet too, but a reinstall fixed that. Other programs such as Steam cannot access the internet at all either.

I've run the Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and attached the FRST.txt log and the Addition.txt log.

Please help, I've run out of ideas on what to do.


I have removed the software listed as piracy, re-scanned using Farbar and gotten new FRST.txt / Addition logs which I have attached here.

None of my programs can access the internet except for Google Chrome. Skype can use IM to message contacts, but Skype Home isn't available.

Various programs get the 0xc00007b “the application was unable to start correctly” error on startup.

Please someone help, I have no ideas left on what to do.



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We're sorry. It looks like your topic was somehow overlooked. Due to the length of time we'll go ahead and close this topic now but if you still actually need help please send a private message to one of the Moderators and we'll assist you.Thank you and sorry we missed your topic.

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