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Anti Exploit fails to launch


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Purchased and successfully set up Anti-Exploit (and Anti-Malware Premium).  Purchased and set up another application (Nuance PaperPort Pro 14, v14.5), but first exited all security (e.g. MalwareBytes: Anti-Exploit and Anti-Malware Premium, Kaspersky Anti-Virus, too), only for purpose of running the PaperPort set up.  After running PaperPort set up, I restarted my PC. The Anti-Malware started normally and automatically at windows start up (Kaspersky, too)... but NOT Anti-Exploit.  *Please advise what to do to ensure Anti-Exploit runs just as it did when I 1st installed.  Thanks.

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Hi, @gabe66, and :welcome:

When you say you exited all Security, can you please detail how you exited MBAE?  In the system tray Icon, you only have 2 choices - start / Stop Protection, and Hide System Tray Icon.  You didn't use the Hide icon setting, did you?

And please do not get upset with me or think that I am considering you an idiot - far from it.  It's just that that exact behavior has happened in the past, and I want to rule it out.

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Hey John!

no offense taken, brother. I have done a little help desk work in the past, so I appreciate total exactitude when it comes to isolating the cause of an issue!

I exited both A-Ex ans A-Mal... by right clicking the blue M in A-Mal and the shield for A-Ex, then clicking the (ohhhhhh I just saw what you're talking about!) I'm writing you this on PC#2.  It has everything in place.  Hmmm. I think theres a good chance I clicked "stop protection"... but I cant promise I simply didnt click "hide icon" !

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No worries.  But when you run it from the commandline it should still pop up allowing you to change settings and such, which you said you did not.  So, I'm betting you did stop protection.

Let's try 2 things:

  1. Reboot your PC, log in and see if it works.  Allow for everything to get started normally, so take your time, grab a cub of joe, or a soda, and let it get going.
  2. If you don't see it, reboot again and do the same thing as above.
  3. If you still don't see it, then let's try uninstalling it and reinstalling the latest version.  You can follow the steps to cleanly install it using this post:
  4. Post back if it works ( and after which step), or if it still doesn't work.

EDIT:  Added the following after the screenshot post

OK, so there is an issue.  The reboots might help, but frankly, I'd jump straight to step 3 at this point if I were you.

Edited by John L. Galt
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I think I found the answer with your help. Before uninstalling MBAE I checked the Programs and Features to see the file size etc. Not that I knew what I was looking for. But I made a note of it and then I went thru the instructions you provided for a clean un- and re-install. All went well.

But still no running MBAE. Then I found MBAE in the Windows Start Menu. I right-clicked on the application and clicked run as administrator. It started to run.

Then I rebooted but same problem. No auto run.

Then I looked in Task Manager and saw in the Startup tab, that it was OFF as to "enabled", or better said, it was "disabled" in the Startup tab.

I enabled in Startup tab. Rebooted. And everything is working.

How about them apples?

Gabriel... aka Gabe66

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I just want to add something for anyone with a similar problem. 

I found that the MBAE service was stopped. I started it... and now it runs even with EMET running (which was previously incompatible in earlier versions). Not sure what will happen on reboot and it would be nice to figure out why the service was disabled...

Hope this helps someone. Would be nice if the text in this box was selectable:


anti exploit dead.PNG

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Good point, @jago25_98.  I didn't think to check the service.  Which leads me to another point - there are utilities that will allow you to capture the text of system dialog boxes on the Internet.  What I usually do, though, is simply capture screenshots.  Fastest way to get the text is in a picture :)

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