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Black screen with cursor after Malwarebytes analysis

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Yeah, that registry key that I listed above seems to be the key, as it was trying to load a script during the time that the user desktop is being loaded as well.  That is why I wanted more logs - to verify it was not finding that key any more.  However, it seems as if *something* on your system still wants to load.

The fact that the screen is taking longer means something, somewhere is still on your system causing an issue.

This will take a good bit of time, but can you perform a Custom scan - make sure the options on the left are selected as I have them, and make sure to select all of the hard drives on your system in the box, as I have done:

Anti-Malware Custom Scan.PNG

When that scan is done, post the log here.

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I think it was a good idea to perform a thorough scan. I has not finished and has already found 17 threats, several of them are the same as in the first scan. I will post the scan log as soon as it finishes, is there something I need to do before trying to eliminate the threats? It seems the first time something wrong happened.

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All of those occurrences are in the Windows.old folder, which is what Windows 10 creates when it upgrades itself.  Furthermore, all of those are also in the IE cache from the old installation.

Do you plan on reverting to your older version of the OS?  If not, you can actually reclaim a good bit of space by running disk cleanup to have it delete either / both of the windows.old installation and the downloaded setup files.

Ten Forums has an excellent tutorial already written on how to delete that folder easily.  http://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/2066-windows-old-folder-delete-windows-10-a.html

Do note the warning:  If you delete the Windows.old folder, you will no longer be able to go back to the previous version of Windows.

That should get rid of those entries permanently if you follow that procedure - the first option is the easiest to use.T

As you your black screen, though, something in the registry is not being called correctly to load explorer.exe.  After you've done the above, run another full scan and let's make sure it doesn't find anything.  Once that is done, then we'll start using the built in troubleshooter application to troubleshoot all sorts of aspects of your system.

After you run the full scan again after deleting the windows.old folder, post the new log again.

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OK, that is good.  I'm mostly unavailable today, and tomorrow, and I apologize - real life has gotten in the way.

Have you tried a Windows 10 Refresh?  (Note - this reset your PC to the way it was when it was first bought, so this is a method I want ot try only if you're willing to reinstall all of the programs that you've installed after buying the PC.)

Also, when was the last Windows 10 system update that you took on (as in what exact version of Windows 10 are you running)?

Let's also run the Diagnostic logs again now that the system doesn't have those latent PUPs from the old install.  See the following:


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I have also noticed that my touchpad doesn't scroll down, in case it is useful for the diagnostic. When I enter the mouse from the control panel the "several fingers" options are enabled but I have to accept before it works normally. If I reboot the system it goes back to the no-scrolling situation.

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