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Windows 10 blackscreen (probably virus)


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Allright so when i have an SSD in my computer wich lets me start my computer faster ... But now it starts up a little slower and it starts up with a blackscreen with only a cursor.The only reason to somve this is so shutdown the explorer. But its temporary fix. Does someone maybe has some options ? 

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I just wanted to make sure.  I didn't want to start listing MBAM troubleshooting issues when it could very well be just a hardware issue, as I suspected it was.

So, I'm going to ask that this thread be moved to the hardware section, and we can continue our discussion there (in this same thread, just that the thread itself will be in a new spot, with a link pointing to the new spot).

In the meantime, can you answer the following questions for me:

  1. When you installed your SSD, did you 'clone' your old system HD to the SSD, or did you manually reinstall Windows from scratch?
  2. Is this a machine that you have built yourself, or did you buy it from a manufacturer (not concerned where you bought it so much as if it is a known make, like a Dell, Gateway, Compaq, HZP, etc.)?

Let's start with those and move forward.

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