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Sixty winThruster files -- is it a false positive?


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I ran a full scan with Malwarebytes after installing Classic Shell in my Dell Studio 1555 laptop. It detected 60 winThruster files. Should I consider this real?

The txt log file is attached. Three keys are deleted. I might have removed some ability to remove winThruster if that is determined to be advisable.

4-18-2016 Malwarebytes detection of 60 Winthruster files.txt

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I uninstalled winThruster in Control Panel. That removed winThruster from the Control Panel list but it was still listed in the start menu. I then ran Malwarebytes again and it found 59 items. This time I quarantined them. I restarted the computer. Malwarebytes is running again at this time. I will post the results when it finishes.

Another thing happened while trying to fix this. With this thread displaying full screen on my desktop computer, I notice twice at about 3:30 CST that a smaller window flashed open for a half-second. It had a black background like a DOS window. I don't think I have any applications that would do that. What might it be?


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The Malwarebytes scan completed withing detecting any objects.

The short/quick display of windows was I quarantined the winThruster files. But it can't be related to that because the infection and quarantine was on my laptop. My display of this thread is where the short occurrences of windows happened -- on my desktop computer. The browser was Firefox. Perhaps a popup blocker was slow in blocking?

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