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I first posted my message under this general forum several days ago. It's about my malwarebytes finding trojan.agent but not deleting it upon reboot. My Trend Micro keeps blocking different suspicious activity from Malwarebytes while MBAM is scanning. Trend Micro does not find this trojan, only my malwarebytes.

After posting my initial message here, I was instructed to post my Hijack log to that forum. I have done that but have still not received a reply to my posting under the Hijack this forum. I really need for someone to help me out here.

By the way, I called a support person at Trend Micro and she tells me that the trojan.agent that malwarebytes is finding is not anything malcious, that malwarebytes needs to be uninstalled from my computer or my computer could crash, what's up with that?

I don't know much about all this techinical stuff, but I need HELP figuring out if I have some sort of trojan or virus that is collecting all my personal information while I'm waiting for malwarebytes support people to help me!

Thanks in advance to whoever is so kind to look at my case!

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  • Root Admin

Please be patient as the site is quite busy. There are only so many of us available to assist users. Some of the other sites that offer free assistance as well are now up to 10 days before replying to a user.

If we don't get to you today we should hopefully get to you by tomorrow.

Thank you.

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